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We are energetic media artists with the experience, creativity, and technical knowledge to fashion innovative and compelling narratives in this fast-changing digital age. Operating out of Middletown, Connecticut, we research, develop, write, produce, direct, and edit non-fiction media. We also serve as consultants and educators. Our clients include broadcasters, museums, media production companies, schools, universities, and indie filmmakers.

To us, diversity isn’t just a word. It is who we are. The Film Posse is a woman- and minority-owned business that seeks to bring a wide array of experiences to the screen and opportunities behind the scene.

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As a creative production studio committed to genuine storytelling, our unique vision and collaborations are the result of our dedication to art, history, and the highest quality content. We have produced award-winning work for public television series—including American Experience, NOVA and many PBS specials. We look forward to hearing about your next project.



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